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Hörnells, John A Hörnell AB

Hörnell's history begins in 1892 - the year when Anders Hörnell and his family started making gloves. In 1933, his son John Andreas Hörnell, then 27 years old, founded the company John A Hörnell. The company is signed in Själevad parish with postal address Överhörnäs.

Between 1933 and 1975, the family both lives and works at the same address. In 1976, they chose instead to take over the village's old furniture store.


In the early 90's, the own production of gloves and slippers ceased. The machines are sold and at the same time a store opens on the premises. The store sells everything from socks, jeans and boots to working clothes and protective equipment. Hörnells now has two main focuses - partly operations with sales of protective clothing, protective gloves and other protective equipment to industry, but also continued development of the adventure side with snowmobile clothing, leather gloves, etc. When the new millennium comes, a certain product category has started to be noticed around the northern part of Sweden, namely Muurikka's frying pans. For a number of years during the 90's, Hörnells has conducted small-scale wholesale operations with the brand, and with the arrival of the new millennium, Muurikka will change the company significantly.

The change towards food, baking and experiences

In the middle of the 2000s, an agreement is signed with Muurikka regarding the agency for the brand in Sweden. In connection with this, a phasing out of other leisure items such as gloves, hats and snowmobile clothing will begin. In the middle of the 2010s, another brand in outdoor cooking/bbq segment is picked up to the product portfolio, German LotusGrill. A portable grill that is almost smoke-free (smokeless). In 2011, the subsidiary Vojmådalens Stuguthyrning AB is started and later five mountain cabins were built for rent in expansive Kittelfjäll. At the same time, it is decided to close the store, which has now been open for 25 years, to invest wholeheartedly in the wholesale business.

The company is growing and the existing premises are not enough. The work to find new premises begins and the choice falls on a new building on the other side of town, namely Arnäsvall and more specifically Nibblingsvägen. Building a new warehouse with associated offices is not done in a jiffy. Hörnells makes a stopover on Terminalvägen as a tenant at Söderströms Motor.

In January 2017, the building permit is sent in for the property on Nibblingsvägen and in April 2018, the final inspection will take place. Hörnells can finally start moving into the newly built premises. On 1 February of the same year, the e-commerce tantfondant.se will be acquired and when the inauguration kicks off on 15 June, everyone will be under the same roof.

Hörnells has now moved its entire business to Nibblingsvägen 7.